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Wireless multiroom audio systems are expensive.


Use your phone lines as a multiroom audio system.


Intellegg is pleased to announce Moxivo, a multiroom audio system. Making use of a home’s existing phone line wiring, Moxivo delivers quality multiroom sound at a fraction of the price of wireless systems.

Take Back your Phone Line

Unlike wireless audio systems, Moxivo is compatible with traditional speakers and stereos. With Moxivo, there’s no need to replace the speakers and stereos in a home. This provides a vast savings over wireless audio systems and brings multiroom sound within reach of the common consumer.

Each Moxivo cable is a cross between a common audio cable and a phone cable. Connect an audio source to any number of self-powered speakers and stereos through the phone lines.

Intellegg’s Moxivo multiroom audio system is perfect for internet radio. Play music from a computer or laptop and use a mobile device as a remote control using free apps like “Remote” or “Retune”.

In this age of cell phones and email, the use of land lines and fax machines is dwindling into obsolescence. Intellegg’s Moxivo multiroom audio system restores wired phone lines to their original status as a valuable asset.

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About Intellegg and Moxivo

Intellegg is a small family business that was created to help bring our ideas to the global market. Moxivo is our first project, but more are already in the works.

My family and I love music. We listen to music as we cook in the kitchen, as we eat in the dining room, as we work in the office and the garage, even in our bedrooms. We use internet radio services like Pandora and Spotify to keep our music fresh.

We needed a way to use a single computer, laptop, or MP3 player to play music throughout the house. This would allow us to listen to internet radio as we move throughout the house without the need for a computer in every room. However, the multiroom audio systems available at that time were well outside of our price range.

A few weeks later, Moxivo was born. Moxivo is a set audio cables that connect an audio source to stereo receivers using your existing phone land line. It’s simple, effective, cheap, and easy to use. Alternatives like built in speaker wiring and wireless transmission networks can cost thousands of dollars and can be complicated to use.

Please note that to use Moxivo, your home must be wired with a phone line that you are not using for a telephone, fax, internet, or anything else. For the growing percentage of the population that uses cell phones instead of a land line, this won’t be problem.